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Reset the Table

Reset the Table


About the Initiative

Reset the Table is a community for women in the food service industry. It is a collection of like-minded organizations coming together with a shared goal of seeing women advance in the space. 

The Food Group wanted to learn more about what drives women and their roles within the industry. To find the answers, they created a proprietary survey to speak to women and men in the industry. The results were eye opening and inspired them to create the "Reset the Table" platform  for change through AWARENESS, LEARNING, KNOWLEDGE BUILDING and SKILLS that leads to the advancement of women in the foodservice industry.

Partners of "Reset the Table" span the industry, contributing needed expertise to provide the knowledge and resources to recognize and empower women, provide them a voice in the media, and assist them with financial and business support. Most importantly, Reset the Table provides a space to connect mentors and peers. Together we can grow stronger. Read the report here.